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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Radiohead – Reckoner

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My husband was watching a documentary the other night and I heard the background music and just had to find out what it was, after much searching (we couldn’t remember the name of the programme for a start!) I found it, just had to share as I love this so much at the moment :


Snail Trail by Ruth Brown

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After planting out the winter veg we have been visited by many slugs and snails, thankfully I think that the frogs are keeping the population down at the bottom of the garden where the broccoli and cauliflowers are growing, though the cabbages and brussel sprouts are being munched!

I cam accross this book in the library which seemed so appropriate at the moment and ‘T’ really loves it. I read it to her and then we ventured outside to hunt for snails, she looked everywhere for ages and was so excited when she found one.

One of the things I really love about parenting is being able to take the time to do these things. Before being a Mum I would have found snails a real pest munching on my vegetables, but knowing that ‘T’ is learning and enjoying all of these little wonders makes them an afternoon of fun and a free activity in our garden.

Yarn Along – my first attempt at a snood & Emily Barr – ‘The Life You Want’

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I have been following a blog called ‘Small Things’ over the past few months and I cannot begin to explain how inspirational it is. Click here to take a peek – it’s so beautifully written and captured and she’s living my dream of having 6 children living in the countryside !

I’ve also seen lots of photos of snoods on pinterest lately and not having much cash has encouraged me to pick up the knitting pins again and give it another go. Ok, so it must be the most basic knitting ever but I;m hoping that it will look okay once it’s complete!

Also I’ve been thoroughly enjoying another book by Emily Barr, it;s a bit of a trasshy travel/parenting novel but it reminds me of my back-packing days and she manages to really portray her time in India as if I were there too, it’s been really enjoyable to get back into a book again and take the time to knit.

Outside play-kitchen

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The runner beans have gone, our rabbit, Mavis ate most of them as ‘T’ was so delighted to pick them all by herself and run to feed them to our rabbit. In place of the beans I have made a little area for ‘T’ to play in where she can make mess and play with no restrictions of having to be careful not to spill anything!

I’ve used an old bedside cabinet which we used to have by our bed, I found in in a charity shop years ago though it’s been in the shed for quite some time. I also found a little coffee table – just the right size, it was really cheap at another charity shop and after a varnish and drying out in the sunshine they are both ready for play.

Some old enamel ware donated by my Mum, some conkers, pine cones, acorns, petals, lavender, sticks and leaves that ‘T’ and I have collected over the summer, sand from the sand-pit and wood shavings (kindly donated by Mavis!) It’s so good to watch ‘T’ play for so long, sorting, moving, pouring, mixing, arranging and re-arranging all of her utensils. I’d love to know what she’s thinking as she potters around looking very busy.

I think we’ll spend many an afternoon out here, no matter what the weather is, we have waterproofs and snowsuits ready for that!

Green tomato and mixed veg soup (on a budget)

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What to do with all of these tomatoes that won’ t turn red? I’ve looked on the internet for some inspiration though I’m not the biggest fan of chutney and wanted to do something with the ingredients that I already had so I made a really tasty soup, I find soup a great way to use up leftovers and it’s great for freezing for mid-week lunches for ‘T’ and I with some home made bread. The courgetter used was grown by my husband’s colleague, the tomatoes from our garden and the chicken stock was in the freezer from a roast that I made a couple of weeks ago.


4 x large carrots

1 x chopped capsicum pepper (I used a red one)

4 x cup fulls of tomatoes (red, green and inbetween!)

1 x large courgette

1 x large baking potato

2 x sticks celery

1 x red onion

enough water/stock to cover all ingredients

seasoning & mixed herbs.

knob of butter


Add the chopped onion to a pan containint melted butter, cook until softened then add the rest of the vegetables and cook for a few minutes. Cover with stock and bubble away until all veg is tender and blitz with a blender.

Seasonal book basket: Autumn

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The Autumn book basket is coming together though I have found this season the hardest so far to find books for. There are a few that I have my eye on to add to the basket collection but there’s plenty of time for that!  My favourite (ahem……….T’s favourtite!) is by Shirley Hughes – When We Went to the Park, I love how Shirley Hughes manages to illustrate so well, she somehow seems to be able to capture the light perfectly.

The other books are:

  • Flower Fairies of the Autumn – Cecily Barker
  • Autumn – Gerda Muller
  • Come on, wind! – John Mole
  • Autumn – Gerda Muller
  • Brambly Hedge, Autumn Story – Hill Barklem
  • The Untidy Little Hedgehog – Molly Brett
  • The Wind Blew – Pat Hutchins

I’m yet to decide on a book about a pumpkin to add to the basket though there are a few I have shortlisted!

My favourite place…………..

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We went to the woods for a family walk this weekend, it was lovely (as always) and ‘T’ loved holding the differnt leaves I collected as we went along, examing each one and babbling away in her own little language. The walk we went on is just on the edge of a huge woodland area with a Roman road that goes through it – it looks pretty spooky when you look along the road which disappears as far as the eye can see, there are lots of stories about haunted things which happen here but I’d never be brave enough to venture here in the dark.

I used to walk my dog in these woods when I was little, I used to climb the trees with my best friend, climb the straw bales (how dangerous?!) and go horse-riding for hours along the many trails. I’ll miss this place so much when we leave for Australia, it is my favourite place in the World.

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