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 I hate writing this bit, but here goes;

The ramblings of the things I love ……….. I love to cook, grow vegetables, sew clothes for my baby girl, I used to cross stitch but haven’t for a year or so, I’ve learned to knit though very badly and have only mastered dish cloths and scarves (does that even count as knitting??) I make felted fruit and veg, needle-felted sculptures and wet felted balls, I try to draw but don’t do very well (especially people – maybe one day I will learn), I love nature, red wine, the seasons, trying to be a little bit eco-friendly, running, Marseille, thrify shopping (I love a good charity shop bargain!), walks in woodland, a decent curry, travelling (especially Japan), sunny evenings, frosty mornings, coffee, dogs and horses, the study of psychology, croissants, lavender and peonies, attempting yoga, listening to the rain when in bed at night, patchwork quilts, horse-riding on frosty mornings, Geishas, Hawaii, the English countryside, watching logs on a fire, thunderstorms, runny poached eggs on toast, bulldogs, Waldorf influences (though I also find it a bit far-fetched sometimes too), beautifully crafted traditional toys, bacon sandwiches on white bread, stormy beaches, the smell of freshly cut grass, corainder and olives, summer bbq’s, Sydney, cath kidston fabric……….but of course none of that compares to my perfect and gorgeous baby girl who I love more than words can say, my fabulous husband who accepts me for who I am and for being my rock, and for my wonderful Mum who I aspire to be for my daughter one day………

You only live once, so enjoy what you have, be happy, think positive, stay healthy and be a good person…………..xx


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  1. Could not have been said better and I couldn’t agree more!!


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