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Monthly Archives: November 2010


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The last apples on the tree (they were eaten by some birds shortly after taking this photo!)


Winter warmers

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 It’s been snowing outside and there’s nothing better than coming in from the cold to a nice warm home-made soup with some freshly made home-made rolls .

The treasure basket (heuristic play)

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 ‘T’ is at thatexciting age now where her whole World is becoming interesting to explore. At first I considered looking into some activity type toys and then I read up on heuristic play, I have filled a basket with some household items for her to explore and play with, so far we have a loofah, some driftwood, a wooden ball, a pine cone found in some nearby woodland, a shell, a wicker ball, a wooden nail brush and a beanbag which I made myself (well, it’s actually full of chick-peas and  some lavender picked from our garden earlier in the year which has been dried out). So far she has had lots of fun exploring it all and we will add to it as we go! (I got this idea from here)

The little stool

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I have been painting a little stool for T this week, my Mum found it in a local charity shop and I’ve painted it in a nice fresh green to liven it up a bit, I think she’ll love sitting here when she’s a bit older.

Planting out for Spring

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I decided to get out in the garden today whilst T was having her lunch-time nap, the weather was really warm for November and I planted out some hyacinth, narcissus, tulip and crocus bulbs ready for the Spring, hopefully they won’t make an appearance beforehand (last year we had some daffodils out at Christmas!) I also managed to grab a couple of snaps of the last bit of colour in the garden before the cold weather really sets in.