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Introducing travel blog – Bedbugs and Beaches

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I have been working on setting up another blog for a couple of months now and it’s (almost) finished so thought I would share with you my experiences and a few photos from my travels.

Apart from European holidays, neither my husband (then ‘boyfriend’) or I had seen much of the World so in 2007 we went on a fantastic trip, we stopped off first in Hong Kong, then flew to Thailand where we spent a couple of months travelling through, then through Malaysia and to Singapore. We then flew on to Australia and spent 6 months there before flying to New Zealand where we hired out a campervan as our temporary ‘home’. We then visited Fiji, Hawaii and several stops accross the USA before heading back to the UK in March 2008. Since then we have visited Brussels, Prague, Rome, Marseille, Scotland, and we spent our fantastic honeymoon in Japan.

We both love to travel and I really hope to be able to visit Japan again one day – I adore the country, the culture, the language, the food, the history…..everything about the place! Also on the top of my list is Russia, China, Mongolia, Kenya, Norway and Canada……hopefully one day a couple of those destination dreams my become wonderful memories!

I’ll hopefully finish off updating thost other places very soon, but for now feel free to head over to Bedbugs and Beaches (there will be a link up there at the top of the page too)




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What’s a full night’s sleep like?

Little ‘T’ is still not sleeping properly and I am still to work out why; and to be totally honest it is leaving me feeling weary, exhausted and grumpy. She will sleep through on a very rare night (perhaps twice a month?) and she has gone through the odd phase of sleeping 4 nights in a row every now and then, but she is almost 2 years old and I’m feeling completley worn out.

I’ve read countless books, followed the Gian Ford plan, monitored her TV time, what she eats, checked her iron levels, been to the Dr, seen a sleep specialist, spoken with the Health Visitor but still no soloution. The Dr. and sleep specialist both think that she is a very active thinker (which I must agree with, she literally never, ever stops ‘doing’ or ‘thinking’ from the second she wakes up, she is permenantly sorting, reading, making, playing, building, tidying etc.) which leads her to start ‘thinking’ every time she wakes during the night, instead of just dozing back of like most toddlers.

Sometimes she wakes up moaning and crying and other times she starts talking and shouting, often “Look Grandma, look – Maisey’s having snacks” (Maisey is Grandma’s cat by the way) or “Dolly, where are you?, Dolly?, Dolly?, Dolly?”. Sometimes she plays hide and seek and I can hear her running around her room shouting “hide, hide, FUN!!”.

She has 1.5 hour nap at lunchtime every day and goes to bed at 7pm and gets woken up at 7am, she has gentle stories before bed, hardly eats any sugar, only drinks water or pure fruit juice with lunch, daily outside time (walks, playing at the park, playing in the garden etc.). 

I know that before long she will be at school and is growing up so fast before my very eyes but I cannot help but wish for her to hurry up and sleep through the night properly, I’m really looking forward to the day that I can go to bed without fearing how long I have before she wakes up, over, and over, and over…….. I might give controlled crying another go again (though I’m not keen on doing this unless things get totally desperate), I may shorten her lunch time nap, I may introduce a little porridge for supper, I’m not really able to think straight to decide what is best to do but I’ll keep searching for ideas.

The outcome of being so tired has made me too nervous to drive somedays, but it has made me do more knitting in the evenings (simple, easy knitting, requiring minimum brain power) and my wonderful husband has got up with ‘T’ at the weekends to let me have a rest in the morning. We have been going for walks instead of driving anywhere and been busy in the garden lapping up a little bit of Spring that seems to be just around the corner.

I’m sorry that this is a bit of a moan, I’m feeling a bit moany today, and a bit tired as last night was particularly bad!

(Photographs taken this week)

GIVEAWAY! : – Organic swaddle + winner of Miss Matatabi Fabric

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I’m excited to announce that I’m holding a FANTASTIC giveaway from Naturalmat. A company based in the south of England selling natural mattresses, bed toppers, baby bedding supplies, blankets and MUCH more

Naturalmat was started with the aim of helping babies and children sleep safely and comfortably in the best, most natural environment possible. Harnessing the amazing potential of natural and organic materials like organic coir, latex and organic cotton, we have created a range of handcrafted mattresses that are superbly comfortable, breathable, washable and non-allergenic.

Naturalmat are pioneers in natural fibre technology and have developed the most comfortable range of mattresses using innovative new raw materials.

  • Organic lambswool from certified Soil Association farms as well as being anti-dust mite, anti-bed bug and anti-moth.
  • Organic coir fibre– this sustainable material greatly enhances the ventilation and spring of the mattress.
  • Organic latex– the organic latex we use comes from the only certified organic rubber plantation in the world and we are the only UK mattress maker using it. The latex layer provides an immensely supportive core that is naturally breathable and totally hypoallergenic.
  • Horsehair tail– this is one of the most highly prized materials in the upholstery industry. It has long been used in mattress making for its incredible resilience and superior spring. We needle the horsehair tail onto a hessian backing which provides extra strength and protection for the springs whilst still allowing flexibility for independent movement.
  • Mohair and bamboo and are all from environmentally conscious sources and biodegradable.
  • Organic cotton– All our organic cotton sheets and bedding are certified in accordance with GOTS by the Soil Association.
  • Cashmere– one of the softest fibres available, cashmere is the ultimate in luxury natural fibres. The soft spring provided by cashmere gives an added dimension of comfort. Like wool, cashmere has inherent properties of ventilation and insulation but the quality of the fibre helps to create the most sumptuous mattress in our range.
  • These raw materials are combined to create a truly green product made by a British company.

The prize for this giveaway is a super-practical and baby essential  organic swaddle by aden and anais (I wish I had one of these when my little one was born)

It comes in a variety of prints though for the giveaway, the winner will receive on in the ‘enchanted’ print (great for baby girls and boys too):

For countless generations, mothers have swaddled and cared for their children with natural muslin. These organic swaddles are made of organic cotton that is grown and manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Luxuriously soft, it is the ideal fabric to use on delicate baby skin. Measuremens 94cm x 94cm

  • Breathable – prevents overheating
  • Generous size – makes swaddling easy
  • Comfy – the more you wash it the softer it gets
  • Multi-use – stroller, nursing, or changing table cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and more

You have 3 chances to win! TO ENTER:

  • leave a comment below.
  • share this giveaway on the web (blog post, twitter, facebook etc) and let me know that you have done so.
  • ‘like’ my facebook page (over there at the top on the right) and let me know that you have done so.

The 3 winners will be picked by using at the end of February and announced on this blog.

Good Luck!! x

Now for the 3 lucky winners of the Miss Matatabi fabric!

Using I have selected that the 3 winners are:

’tillymintboutique’ – you have won – Kokka Japanese Fabric Melody Miller Ruby Star Spring – Bee Tomato Vine – 1 yard

‘GG‘ – you have won –  Kokka Heather Ross Far Far Away III Girls with Horses Japanese Fabric – grey – 1 yard

‘Celine Richard’ – you have won – Kokka Yoshie Miriporun Sunny Farm Japanese Fabric – orange, white – 1 yard


FREE Toy tutorials and a January Sale!

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Happy New Year everybody!

I thought I should share some of the fantastic toy sewing  tutorials I have found online lately, just in case you have some time off! :

Woodland Fox PDF Pattern:

Modular Star Tutorial:

Recovered doll stroller tutorial (amongst many others on this link!)

Cot book/toy holder:

Ribbon baby toy tutorial:

Big rocket toy sewing pattern:

Tea for two:

Felt Royal Crown:

And as it’s January and I’m trying to clear down some stock in my Etsy store – I’m currently offering 25% off of all items excluding the felt sewn fruit, vegetables and food.


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‘Beds!’ is what ‘T’ shouts at me excitedly several times a day………….. she has lately been playing ‘beds’ which is where I have to go to bed and she says ‘shhhh’ to make me go to sleep and then after a few seconds shouts ‘bay-gak!’ (wake-up!) for me to wake up – she NEVER tires of this game and sometimes it can go on and on!

She loves to be snuggled up in our big cosy bed. She has only ever slept in our bed during the first few weeks of her life but she loves being in our bed. I feel very lucky to be able to have the time to sometimes just slow down and enjoy the little things in life as ‘T’ learns about them.

Love you ‘T’, so much xxxx

Along the process

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We had to go for our medical checks this week for our Australian Visa application. Thethe four of us (my step-son included) had to do a 4 hour round trip and each have numerous tests including x-rays and blood tests plus lots of measuring, weighing, checking, sounding, questioning, and just abaout everything else! It was a long morning as T has still been awake every night ( I lost count after 13 times of going in to ‘re-settle’ her last night – I’m more than tired these days!

Once home and after T had caught up on some sleep we decided that some fresh air and a walk would do us all good.

And it did!!

The process is coming along, just a few more checks and paperwork things to do and we are so close to this visa arriving. EEEEEKK!!


Wellington walks in the mud

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We went for a walk yesterday afternoon; a squelchy, muddy walk. The rain held off and we went in search of horses. I grew up opposite horse fields and with a passion for riding so it’s an afternoon activity that I enjoy as much as ‘T’. We got to the first horse field which was completley empty – it was sweet to watch ‘T’ calling ‘D-orsch’ over and over to an empty field! We walked in our wellies to the next field and there were no horses there either, though ‘T’ enjoyed the walk, stopping to look at feathers, berries and make squelching noises with her boots.

Finally we found a horse and said hello and fed him some grass. I love these afternoons with my girl xx