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Liebster Blog Award

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Hooray! It’s made my day – I have been very kindly nominated for the Liebster Blog award by the lovely Whitney from What Whitney Made Next.:

Liebster comes from the german for love or favourite and so I now nominate 5 other blogs (with up to 200 followers) , blogs that we love or find inspirational . . . because, lets face it, we don’t work, create or blog in vaccumm but are inspired by others all the time. Doing this will, hopefully, bring more followers for them and so we spread the love. It’s all about sharing the love . . .

So, my nominated blogs are:

Nestled Under Rainbows

the nunuland

Mindless Ramblings

The evolving homemaker

which name

Head over and take a read!

If you are nominated:

Pass the award on to 5 other blogs with under 200 followers.
Post a blog post about it and link back to the one that nominated you.
Leave a comment on the blogs that you nominate.



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  1. Wow! Thank you, Victoria! Your blog space is getting bookmarked because all those beautiful photo links off to the side have already drawn me in!


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