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Time for a catch up…………….(and a grumble)

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I’ve been away for this space for a while, we went awy to Devon for a long weekend, it started off well though ended up not so good.

We drove to Dawlish on Friday and had a lovely dinner by the sea, the following day we had a great time catching up with a lovely school friend and her family, we were cooked a yummy lunch and fed lots of cake then went for a leisurely walk along the quay in Exeter followed by a stroll to a beautiful country pub/restaurant with a lovely outdoor play area for the little girls to have a swing and a play. My friend also made a gorgeous cushion for ‘T’, picture to follow soon……

We went swimming on the Sunday in the morning but the pool was freezing and was pretty grotty, then we went to Torquay in the afternoon for a wander around as ‘T’ wasn’t up to too much with her cold,which my husband also got on the Saturday night. though (hoping not to offend anyone from there now) it seemed like a bit of a dreary place, it’s so annoying when you try your hardest to have a nice ‘fun’ time but things just don’t go your way (the bungalow we stayed in ended up being a bit shabby and damp too so by now we were feeling a bit disappointed!)………..and then the sickness germs hit in on Sunday night………all night; YUK!

My camera decided to wipe the majority of the photos I took (again?!) so I don’t have a lot to show for our time away, it was nice to see the sea, catch up with lovely people and have a change of scenery but oh my, I’ve never been so pleased to be home and to get into my own bed!

Poor ‘T’ caught the germs too but was only sick for one evening though she has had a cold and is teething so she’s not her usual happy self.

Ahhhhhhh………..’Home sweet home’!


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  1. We’re glad to have you home xxx


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