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We went to the woods for a family walk this weekend, it was lovely (as always) and ‘T’ loved holding the differnt leaves I collected as we went along, examing each one and babbling away in her own little language. The walk we went on is just on the edge of a huge woodland area with a Roman road that goes through it – it looks pretty spooky when you look along the road which disappears as far as the eye can see, there are lots of stories about haunted things which happen here but I’d never be brave enough to venture here in the dark.

I used to walk my dog in these woods when I was little, I used to climb the trees with my best friend, climb the straw bales (how dangerous?!) and go horse-riding for hours along the many trails. I’ll miss this place so much when we leave for Australia, it is my favourite place in the World.

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  1. Your pictures are very good – particularly like the close-ups.


  2. Lovely to share your favourite places with your little ones isn’t it? Didn’t know you were off to Aus. Good luck with that!

  3. What amazing photos. Looks like it was a really good day x

  4. What a great place to walk. I like going places that bring back childhood memories.


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