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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Pinterest pinnings……..

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I’m so amazed at how many fabulous things there are on Pinterest. Gone are the days of buying a magazine when you can flick through endless recipes, fashion items, interiors, quotes, tutorials and just about anything else! I’ve come accross some great tutorials and have a couple of projects in line that I can’t wait to get stuck into! Here are some of my recent ‘pins’ …….

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Fun in the sun

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We have been enjoying the sunshine; evening BBQs, splashing in the paddling pool, playing in the sand pit, trips to the park and lounging around with a book outside whilst little ‘T’ has her naps. I hope this sunshine stays!

Rhubarb and ginger jam

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My Mum picked some rhubarb from her garden and had too much so she kindly brought some over for us last night. I have such fond memories of eating rhubarb crumble in the summer that I had helped to pick as a child, I absolutely adore rhubarb but it is one of the very few foods that my husband hates, and it seems a little greedy to make rhubarb crumble for just myself (I’ll have an excuse when Tis older!)

Anyway, I decided to make some jam with it and used another one of Rachel Allen’s recipes. It only took 15 minutes to cook up and the ginger gives it a lovely kick. It’s delicious!

New sand pit!

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I have been busy during little ‘T’s nap times building this sand pit. She absolutely LOVES it! She loves to look for her toes when they have been buried, digs with all of her strength and will play with her bucket and spade, filling and emptying for ages. So glad we have this area for her to relax and play now.

Sunday picnic

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We wandered up to the woods this morning for a picnic under a tree on the edge of the woodland with beautiful views over the neighbouring valleys and villages. We took along some drinks and food, a ball, a picnic blanket and we had a lovely time. We sat and admired the view, ‘T’ explored the pine cones and twigs and we admired the poppies on the way. We wandered back through the woods and watched some horses walk past. A perfect way to spend a Sunday morning!

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Rachel Allen’s peanut butter and white chocolate blondies

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As we are eating out this evening I had nothing to prepare for tonight’s dinner, so that was a big enough excuse for me to make some peanut butter blondies! It’s another one of Rachel Allen’s recipes and you can’t go wrong with these ingredients. Recipe can be found here

Beatrix Potter alphabet FINALLY compelted!!

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This was started the week I found out I was pregnant – that’s roughly 2 years ago! I wanted to make something really special for our new bundle and the plan was to have it finished for when she was born, took a bit longer! It was a great thing to do during the winter months of hibernating indoors whilst watching my bump gradually grow.

It had to be done in 3 pieces as on a December morning my dog managed to grab hold of it and tear it up (eeeeekk) so I had to re-do a few of the letters. Once ‘T’ arrived I didn’t have the time to spend on it in the evenings as she was really bad at settling in the evenings for quite a few months plus when I did get some time to do it, I found it too hard going on my eyes with all the sleepless nights! In the end and after much searching around for someone, I sent it off to a lovely lady called Tamara in the USA who finished off the last few letters, the post took 5 weeks to arrive so I was begining to get pretty worried but it finally arrived last week and I’ve sewn it together, washed, pressed and framed it. I can guarantee that this one will be on the wall for many years to come!