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Little ‘T’ has recently dropped her morning nap and gets so tired in the morning now so less running around and active play and more calm play is needed. I try to stay clear of TV as much as possible, if she’s ill then it’s a wonderful thing and she has two Maisy Mouse DVDs which she really enjoys, I love the simplicity of the ‘Maisy Mouse’ range and all of the different concepts that are introduced through the DVDs and books.

We have started reading more books, playing with play-doh, painting, chalking, puzzles, and doing flash cards together to keep T’s energy levels going until her lunch time nap – we’ve also recently invested in a set of duplo lego bricks and she LOVES putting them together – this activity really keeps her concentration for a long time (I can no longer say that we’re ‘plastic free’ when it comes to toys!)

I know that the whole TV thing is a bit of a touchy subject with so many parents – some think I’m mad for limiting her TV allowance so much (total of 30-40 mins a day maximum) while others probably think I’m mad for letting her watch any at all – but it works for us, and I record the one TV programme that she watches because it’s what I think is good for her to watch, it explains basic daily life, it’s educational and she enjoys it and calms down whilst she watches it. Since reading that too much ‘trash TV’ actually reduces a childs IQ I just can’t shift that fact out of my head and I’d feel guilty if I put the TV on when I could be reading ‘T’ a book or doing something creative with her.

A typical daily current rhythm/routine/daily structure goes like this:

7am –  Wake up ‘T’ and give her 2 x books to look at in her cot whilst I prepare brekfast/coffee etc.

7.20am – Fetch ‘T’ and have breakfast together

7.40am – Prepare dinner and wash up breakfast dishes whilst ‘T’ reads or watches a Maisy Mouse DVD

8.15am – Teeth brushed, showered, dressed, nappy changed etc.

9am – Read a story together/play together

9.30am – Go to local shops/post office

10am – Visit from Grandma (more play time)/local baby group/local park/go for a walk/swimming lesson

11.45am -Lunch

12.15 – Quiet play

12.30 – 2.30  = NAP TIME

2.45pm – Nappy change and out for the afternoon (meet with friends/go for a run/trip to the library/trip to town/gardening + garden play/walk to see the horses and go to the woods)

5pm – Dinner time

5.45pm – Play with Daddy + 15 mins of ‘Come Outside’ TV programme

6.15pm – Bath time

6.45 – Story time with Daddy

7pm – Bedtime

The sleep times are pretty strict – I’ve followed the ‘Gina Ford’ rules, I always said I would never need a book to halp raise a child but after 3 months of very little sleep a dear friend showed me a book and I gave it a go and since getting those long, hard nights sorted it really fits well into our lives, so much so that every day for the past few months, ‘T’ has asked to go to bed for her nap and as soon as she is ready at bedtime she says ‘bye bye’ and runs to the door at the bottom of the stairs ready to be carried upstairs for her bedtime story and goes straight off to sleep, so I of course thank Gina Ford SO much for these guidelines and seeping patterns!


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  1. Good on you for sticking with GF routines. I’m a routine lover and wanted my baby to follow it, but apart from naturally ending up with fairly similar timings and sleeping through the night when she suggested babies should be, I couldn’t wake him/feed him at the right times in the day for her routine so we ended up with our own.

    • Thank-you! Poor Gina Ford seems to get so much bad press but I’m all for her and a big lover of routines too (pretty sure ‘T’ is very happy with her routine as she knows what is coming next?


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