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Yarn Along – my first attempt at a snood & Emily Barr – ‘The Life You Want’

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I have been following a blog called ‘Small Things’ over the past few months and I cannot begin to explain how inspirational it is. Click here to take a peek – it’s so beautifully written and captured and she’s living my dream of having 6 children living in the countryside !

I’ve also seen lots of photos of snoods on pinterest lately and not having much cash has encouraged me to pick up the knitting pins again and give it another go. Ok, so it must be the most basic knitting ever but I;m hoping that it will look okay once it’s complete!

Also I’ve been thoroughly enjoying another book by Emily Barr, it;s a bit of a trasshy travel/parenting novel but it reminds me of my back-packing days and she manages to really portray her time in India as if I were there too, it’s been really enjoyable to get back into a book again and take the time to knit.


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  1. visiting from Yarn-along. Im glad you are giving knitting another try. I hope you enjoy it. Your little one is beautiful. I love your idea to make a play kitchen out doors so she can use whatever she finds for her soup pot!

  2. Thank-you, I’m not sure it will work out well but it’s fun trying! The outdoor kitchen is a big hit so glad I’ve got it for her! x


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