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‘Handmade Monday’ 1st pair of trousers sewn

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I’ve completed my first pair of trousers! I saw the fabric in our local shop and had to get it and thought that it would make some sweet trousers. The pattern was from Etsy and was pretty simple to do (even for me!) I think I may get a bit hooked on making these! Don’t forget to head over to ‘Handmade Monday’.


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  1. Pretty fabric and well done on the trousers

  2. They are delightful trews. Am currently trying to work out how long to make a Summer dress for a 6 – 9 month old… and yes, that might be me in the children’s dept of JLP with a tape measure!

    I just love how cute children’s clothes look when they are finished.

  3. Gorgeous, beautifully done.reminds me of the first time I made trousers and sewed two legs together!

  4. They’re gorgeous!I love the polka dot trim-it really finishes them off so well!

  5. I love the fabric – not surprised you couldn’t resist! Always jealous of people that can make clothes x

  6. These are ADORABLE! I can’t beleive you made them, fantastic! xxx

  7. These are gorgeous. Love love love the fabric. Well done.

  8. They are gorgeous, the fabric is lovely. You have done a fantastic job they look great.

  9. So cute, such a pretty pattern too!

  10. The trousers are so cute, they certainly look comfy.

  11. They are so so cute, no wonder you will become addicted.

    Jan x


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