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Rhubarb and ginger jam

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My Mum picked some rhubarb from her garden and had too much so she kindly brought some over for us last night. I have such fond memories of eating rhubarb crumble in the summer that I had helped to pick as a child, I absolutely adore rhubarb but it is one of the very few foods that my husband hates, and it seems a little greedy to make rhubarb crumble for just myself (I’ll have an excuse when Tis older!)

Anyway, I decided to make some jam with it and used another one of Rachel Allen’s recipes. It only took 15 minutes to cook up and the ginger gives it a lovely kick. It’s delicious!


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  1. Can remember Mum making Rhubarb crumble too and Rhubarb fool (especially nice spooned over rice pudding). The jam sound scrummy and nice and quick to make.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  2. I LOVE rhubarb crumble!!! xxx


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