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Beatrix Potter alphabet FINALLY compelted!!

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This was started the week I found out I was pregnant – that’s roughly 2 years ago! I wanted to make something really special for our new bundle and the plan was to have it finished for when she was born, took a bit longer! It was a great thing to do during the winter months of hibernating indoors whilst watching my bump gradually grow.

It had to be done in 3 pieces as on a December morning my dog managed to grab hold of it and tear it up (eeeeekk) so I had to re-do a few of the letters. Once ‘T’ arrived I didn’t have the time to spend on it in the evenings as she was really bad at settling in the evenings for quite a few months plus when I did get some time to do it, I found it too hard going on my eyes with all the sleepless nights! In the end and after much searching around for someone, I sent it off to a lovely lady called Tamara in the USA who finished off the last few letters, the post took 5 weeks to arrive so I was begining to get pretty worried but it finally arrived last week and I’ve sewn it together, washed, pressed and framed it. I can guarantee that this one will be on the wall for many years to come!


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  1. How lovely/ special that you were stiching it while she was growing in your tummy! Just beautiful!!! It looks amazing, I’m sure she’ll treasure it when she’s older xxx
    P.S: While I was pregnant I was stiching felt tomatoes for her play kitchen, lol! xxx

  2. Oh and I love the litlle inscription at the bottom xxx

  3. This is out of this world beautiful!!! I absolutely love it!


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