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Sunday picnic

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We wandered up to the woods this morning for a picnic under a tree on the edge of the woodland with beautiful views over the neighbouring valleys and villages. We took along some drinks and food, a ball, a picnic blanket and we had a lovely time. We sat and admired the view, ‘T’ explored the pine cones and twigs and we admired the poppies on the way. We wandered back through the woods and watched some horses walk past. A perfect way to spend a Sunday morning!

Oh – and don’t forget to pop over to ‘Handmade Monday’!!


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  1. Beautiful pictures. My hubby and I went for a long walk last evening and there were some lovely views, the English countryside can be so picturesque. I’m surrounded by poppy fields at the moment and blankets of beautiful purple flowers. I need to take photo’s.

    Jan x

  2. You don’t always have to travel miles to have fun, what a beautiful day and love those poppies

  3. You have some lovely photos there – I keep seeing photos of poppy fields & keep thinking one day I’ll paint a poppy field!

    Make the lost of these precious times – little ones grow up far too quickly x

  4. On a beautiful summer’s day there’s no better place to be than the English countryside. Your photos certainly do it justice.

  5. Amazing images – I want to be there too! I love the photos of the poppies, they are such beautiful flowers and I have a few poppy designs myself which are always popular.

    I almost didn’t need to read the words – your images told the whole story.

    Ali x

  6. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

  7. What lovely photos I love the poppies very tranquil glad you enjoyed your day xx

  8. Looks like you had a gorgoeus day, you must show us this spot sometime soon, it looks lovely! Beautiful pics btw!!! xxx

  9. Beautiful photos,especially the poppies.What a great way to spend a Sunday!

  10. So beautiful. We don’t have poppies here, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever lived where they grew, thank you for sharing that.

  11. sounds like a perfect day – they are really beautiful pictures. Anna x


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