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Today I have:

  • Had a lovely lie-in until 9.00am as my dear husband got up with little ‘T’
  • Drank coffee and toast whilst removing shelves from the kitchen  and living room.
  • Popped in to see grandma with ‘T’ (she is kindly doing all of our washing since Christmas as our washing machine broke down and it isn’t worth us buying one just weeks before we leave!), popped in again, to collect washing , and back twice more with another load. Oh how I miss my washing machine.
  • Typed up my husband’s CV in preparation for our new lives ‘down under’.
  • Finished off the sanding of the little vintage highchair I am restoring for ‘T’, it’s had it’s first coat of spray paint too. Finally:) I’ll let you know more about it when it’s complete, not long now.
  • Waxed the Victorian toy chest I found on freecycle, it still has a LOT of work to go on it but whilst ‘T’ sleeps at lunchtimes I seem to be outside almost daily trying to get it done at the moment.
  • Eaten too much rhubarb crumble with ice cream that ‘T’ and I made together yesterday, I’m also wondering if I’ll be able to grow rhubarb in Australia??
  • Finished off the knitted bow, it’s a bit larger than I had hoped for but never mind. No dropped stitches and no holes so can’t complain! – taking part in ‘Handmade Monday’

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Sunday. My evening will consist of doing very little, perhaps some knitting, perhaps a glass of red wine, sat on the sofa.

(Pssssst. I’m hosting a fab giveaway at the moment for some gorgeous wool head over here to take part! xx)


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  1. The bow looks really crisp… is it in cashmerino perchance? Why do I never find such wonderful finds on Freecycle… look forward to seeing the chest when you are finished.

  2. The knitted bow is lovely – a great colour. Looking forward to seeing the vintage highchair. What inspires you to create? Hope you have a good week.

  3. Gosh, what a busy day! love the bow tie!

  4. You have been a busy bee, love the colour of the bow, very regal

  5. Love the bow! Good luck on the furniture – and I hope you can grow rhubarb down under (it seems pretty hardy, I’m sure it must grow pretty much anywhere!)

  6. I love this bow, I make cupcake keyrings which have a felt bow on top and this would look lovely albeit a bit big (!!) on my cupcakes! Good luck for the move to Australia – I bet you won’t miss our weather! Will you still be madewithloveuk over there?!

  7. I love freecycle, I’ve given plenty away, but I’ve gained so much that would have been rubbish.

  8. The bow is gorgeous! One of my favourite colours. I use freecycle too in an attempt to give away stuff (and try not to get any back!) Mich x

  9. Freecycle – the friend to all!

    Great work on the bow! Very professional in appearance! Love it.

  10. That bow looks great, sounds like life is hectic at the moment, i’m sure it will be worth it though when you finally settle into life down under. x

  11. Wow, you’ve been a busy girl! I’m hoping for some photos of the toy chest and the high chair. 🙂

  12. Rhubarb and custard is so tasty, it’s so easy to eat far too much. Your bow looks really neat, well done, it is a great colour.

    Jan x


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