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I thought I’d pop in and say a quick ‘hello’. We are having a lovely Christmassy time, seeing family and friends, eating lots of lovely food and enjoying being together. ‘T’ loved opening her stocking and discoving some of the gifts from Father Christmas. I think her favourite is a torch which she loves to shine in her new play frame with playsilks that Father Christmas also brought her. The dinner was a bit of a fiasco for a moment as the lamb had gone off (?!?!?!!) my husband and Mum were brave (or silly?) enough to eat the middle part  that was okay but I didn’t fancy it so had a vegetarian option (fine by me – felt like old times!)

The day was so nice with my Mum, husband and daughter here in our home. We went out for a walk in the afternoon and then settled down on the sofa in the evening once ‘T’ was tucked up in bed with red wine and SO much laughter,  it really was a funny evening and the 3 of us laughed so much at silly things we were talking about.

Things are going to slow down a little here on the blog, there is going to be so much to do with the sorting and organising for the big move in April, plus things will slow down again when we actually move, but please keep dropping by, I’ll be in this space as much as I can.

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