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Healthy meals for 1 year olds

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As I enjoy cooking and experimenting with food, it is only normal to me to try my very best to make sure that ‘T’ has the healthiest meals possible, whenever possible. On days out or when she (or I!) am unwell then we are lucky enough to have a huge range of healthy, though very expensive pre-made meals and snacks, though I try to limit these types of foods as much as possible.

At 14 months old, her typical day starts off with either weetabix or home-made muesli (link to previous post can be found here) with organic milk and fruit, occasionally she has scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast. A mid-morning snack is usually some fruit, raisins, rice cakes or oat cakes, lunch is usually a home-made meal which I make in batches and freeze (such as chicken casserole, aubergine and rice bake, corn chowder or lentil soup etc) served with veg and other nibbles, another snack mid afternoon, and then dinner, usually another meal I have pre-made and frozen (such as spaghetti bolognaise, beef stew, minestrone soup or fish pie). She is now also eating what we eat most evenings though I still like to ensure that she is getting all the best goodness with one of my frozen meals for her, though she enjoys to share our stir frys, roast dinners, lasagne, and generally whatever else we eat as long as it’s not too spicy or high in sugar/salt.

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