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Vegan buckwheat, prune & seed bar recipe

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I have been looking for a recipe for a snack to keep my little girl going between mealtimes though couldn’t find one whithout sugar and that incorporated the ingredients that I already had in the cupboard, so I devised this little recipe and she really enjoys them too.:


1 x tin prunes in apple juice (use juice as well as prunes – no waste!)

11/2 cups pre-cooked buckwheat

2 x weetabix bars crushed up

1 x cup oats

1/3 cup mixed seeds

2/3 cup raisins

1 x tsp cinnamon

1 x tsp mixed spice


Add the prunes in juice, raisins, seeds, oats and weetabix bars to a bowl and grind (or use a food processor until chopped) Add in the remaining ingredients and stir well.

Pour into a lined tin and score with a knife, bake for 20 – 30 mins at 200C, until firm. Once cooled place into the fridge to set further. They have frozen well too.


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