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Jamie Olivers ‘Epic Roast Chicken Salad’ recipe review

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I saw this recipe in Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie’s Great Britain’ recipe book and thought I had to give it a try – I am SO glad I did as it was easy, cheap, and the flavour was just amazing – I think this is one of mine (and my husband’s) favourite dishes now!

The chicken was simply roasted with lemon and thyme and then left to cool, so this bit I did in advance in the morning which was easy enough.

The second part was just as easy, using torn up bread as chunky croutons which were infused with the flavours of the juices of the chicken, a while bulb of garlic, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and crispy streaky bacon. The flavours were delicious!

I have had a hunt for the recipe online but can’t seem to find it, though the recipe list is here if you want to take a peek – if however you need an easy and extremley delicious recipe I highly recommend a trip to the library to get this book…..

Enjoy! x


Jamie Oliver’s ‘Kate and Will’s Wedding Pie Recipe’

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This is one of those recipes that you don’t want to do every day as it is time consuming, but oh my it is worth it!

The recipe is simple to follow and the ingredients inexpensive. I somehow managed to make more than stated in the recipe ( used slightly less meat and slightly more pearl barley and managed to make 3 pies, they are all smaller than in the recipe but will certainly serve my husband and I for at least three different dinners and can be frozen too.)

The suet pastry is soft and crumbly and the rich filling includes stout, beef, pearl barley, cheese and mustard. Ours is served with steamed baby carrots and green beans. Delicious!

Thanks Jamie for a fantastic recipe – can be found here if you fancy giving it a go.

Quick and easy Chorizo Fajita Recipe

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I love fajitas and love chorizo sausages and I love this recipe I put together last week:


1 x pack (approx 6) good quality chorizo sausages

2 x small white onions

Handful cherry tomatoes

1 x red capsicum pepper

Sour cream


Shredded lettuce

Grated cheese


Fry sausages in a pan until almost cooked, add in the 2  x onions (quartered), chopped pepper, halved tomatoes and cook on a high heat until onions have caremalised and blackened (approx 5-10 mins) Serve straight away in the tortilla wraps and sprinkle with cheese and lettuce. YUM!

Autumn ideas from Pinterest

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Here are some of the lovely Autumnal things I have found on Pinterest lately…………..

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