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Begging and pleading………

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Ok, so I’m doing this run on Sunday – in fact it’s the biggest 10 mile run in the World! It’s the Bupa Great South Run, in Southsea/Portsmouth and will be live on TV plus a show late on in the evening.

I’ve done several 5km (approx 3 mile) runs for Cancer Research – (blogged about here) but this 10 mile one is a lot further! I was hoping to do it in approx 1 hour 30 minutes but I would be really pleased to finish it in 1 hour 45 minutes, thinking a bit more realistically about it.

I’ve been training hard, and typically, little ‘T’ has decided that sleeping throughout the nights isn’t her idea of fun just recently so it’s been extra hard going out for 8 mile runs after getting up several times a night (though thankfully she slept through last night – YIPPEEEE!!) Click here for a link back to some photos I took whilst out on my runs.

Anyway, if you can spare any money at all, I would seriously appreciate it, the link to my sponsorship page is here.

Alternatively, PLEASE feel free to add a link to your blog/facebook page/website etc, even if I get no extra aponsorship from this, a bit of awareness is always a good thing.

MS is a cruel condition, my father in law has been suffering terribly and has been in hospital for several months, he was diagnosed at just 24 years old. I also know 3 other people affected, and it’s just so unfair.

So that was me, begging and pleading! Thanks for taking the time to read.