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Fun at the fairground

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It’s that time of year again when the fairground comes to visit our town. I love going to the fair and seeing all the lights, soaking up the atmosphere, it’s even more fun this year now that ‘T’ can come along. I went every year when I was little, I remember having to dress up really warm and getting nervous and excited at the same time about going on some for the rides. I used to take my nieces every year when they were younger and lived nearby, and we used to take my step-son too but he’s too grown-up to be taken to the fair by us now!

One of the most sepctacular fairgrounds I have ever been to has to be at Luna Park – right beside the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia :

Here’s another fairground photograph I took when my husband and I went to London one Christmas to visit family, I remember it being absolutely freezing that day!:

And here are some photos of the fairground taken yesterday, I’ll treasure the moments and memories from this visit, little T’s face melted my heart when I saw how excited she got about looking at all the lights, stopping every now and then to stare and have a little dance.

We took on her one ride which was a merry-go-round and she sat on the boat and got excited every time we saw Daddy. I’ll savour this lovely evening.


Little antique chair completed!

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I’ve been busy over the past (what seems like lots of!) weeks doing up this little chair for’T’ I searched ebay, shops, antique stores etc and then came accross this one on ebay which I won for 5 pounds!!! (I had been bidding on others at 5 times that price so was really pleased when it arrived!

It is thought to be approx 100 years old and possibly and old school or church chair – I love that it has some history behind it and wonder how many children have used it! It took a LONG time to sand it down by hand (I hate that bit!)¬† was glad to paint it and then used briwax as suggested by my friend – it gives it such a lovely finish and I’m really pleased with it.

‘T’ seems to like it – her first reaction to it was to climb on it and stand on it! So it is in her bedroom for now – until I know she can be left safely with it in the lounge!

The little cushion was made by an old school friend of mine who we recently visited – I hadn’t intended the chair to match it but they are a prefect pair! Thanks so much for the cushion G – we both LOVE it and will treasure it forever!! xx

Remember to head over to ‘1st Unique Gifts’ for¬†another week of ‘Handmade Monday’ xx

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

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It’s been party time here this weekend, I arranged a surprise party for my Mum’s 60th, she really had no clue at all! Her best friends and family travelled from Scotland to London to come and some stayed all weekend too. I told a bit of a white lie and said that we were going into town for a meal and suggested popping into a nice pub on the way for a drink – she had such a shock when she saw everyone there and burst into tears!

I made some cupcakes and got the idea for a bunting cake from Pinterest – I photocopied the bunting that used to be up in T’s room to make it and also used her old bunting for decoration. It was SO nice to see my Mum so happy – she didn;t stop smiling all weekend. Love you Mum – Happy Birthday! xx

(Once again I’ve slacked a bit on the creative side – apart from these cakes all I have done creatively is a bit more knitting but pop over to Handmade Monday at 1st Unique Gifts to catch up with some less lazy creative-types!)