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Wellington walks in the mud

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We went for a walk yesterday afternoon; a squelchy, muddy walk. The rain held off and we went in search of horses. I grew up opposite horse fields and with a passion for riding so it’s an afternoon activity that I enjoy as much as ‘T’. We got to the first horse field which was completley empty – it was sweet to watch ‘T’ calling ‘D-orsch’ over and over to an empty field! We walked in our wellies to the next field and there were no horses there either, though ‘T’ enjoyed the walk, stopping to look at feathers, berries and make squelching noises with her boots.

Finally we found a horse and said hello and fed him some grass. I love these afternoons with my girl xx


Horse Trials

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We went to our local horse trials again at the weekend, it was a lovely morning out and the sun was really shining for once! I admired the beautifully turned out horses and we watched the show jumping and cross-country events, amazed and envious by the courage that those riders have to go over those jumps! We had an ice-cream and sat under a tree for some shade so that ‘T’ could stretch her legs, she really enjoyed seeing all of the different horses and dogs and was a perfect morning out!