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New love for a dolly’s highchair

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I stumbled accross this vintage Triang highchair on ebay and couldn’t pass it by without putting a bid on it – I won it for just £5 (despite it being an hours’ round trip to collect it!). I really like the colour it was but it was looking a bit dull and tired, plus there was a fair amount of rust on it and our move to Australia requires all rust to be cleaned/covered so I thought it best to try and restore it.

I can’t say it’s been an easy task – I tried some Nitro Mors. Yucky, horrid, and awful to the environment, it didn’t seem to do much apart from leave cloggy mucky lumps behind. Luckily, my very dear friend managed to provide me with a Black & Decker Mouse. Oh it was fab, that and a small amount of elbow grease was all it took to get it in a state ready for spraying. I decided to spray it as there are so many small spindles and areas I just didn’t think that my painting skills would leave a very good outcome.

Anyway, here it is after it’s first coat of pink spray paint:

I’m pleased with the final result, it’s not perfect but it will do for now until it is shipped accross to Australia (we needed to sort out the rust on it before the shippers pack everything up  hence the need for doing it up now) I like the shade of pink that it is so I may keep it that colour for good.


First lace attempt

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Here’s my first attempt at a bit of lace – I got the pattern from ravelry here and it’s a really great first pattern, I have got this far but decided that I don’t think that the yarn is right for this pattern so I won’t be doing anymore of this one but thought I’d show you my first lace attempt anyway!

I have been reading these beautiful baking books, I’ve been trying to find a lovely cake recipe for my daughter’s second Birthday at the end of the month. There are some beautiful cakes in these books – even some that look exactly like Russian Dolls! I think I have settled on a cake that I found on Pinterest, I’ll let you know if it worked out at the end of the month!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week xxx

A cardigan for dolly…

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Here’s the start of what may hopefully turn into something that will resemble a cardigan for the Dolly fot T’s Birthday, I have a stash of small amounts of wool and thought a dolly pattern would be good practice for something a bit more taxing than hat. So far so good, though there is PLENTY of time for mistakes yet!

I have started reading Anita Shreve’s ‘Rescue’ this week, I’m finding it less easy to absorb than her last book (‘Let It Snow’) though I think that may have something to do with the amount of concentration I am left with when I get around to picking up my book.

Joining in with this weeks ‘Yarn Along’ from Small Things and ‘Crafting On’ from Frontier Dreams x

Dolly walks

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A recent favourite activity for little ‘T’ is simply taking Dolly for a walk in her pushchair. I picked the dolly up at a charity store and the pushchair was from freecycle so they are perfect for taking out and about without worrying too much about them getting grubby.

We walk to a park nearby us sometimes, it only takes about 5 minutes if you walk at an average pace but it’s an hour round trip with Dolly in the pushchair.

T loves to show the ducks to the Dolly and last week she saw a snail, stopped and got Dolly out of the pram and said ‘oook Dolly…..nail!’. Oh that melted my heart!!

Sometimes it’s just the simple things that are the most interesting for these little ones and just stopping to look at asnail and go for a walk is so enjoyable for ‘T’, which makes it enjoyable for me too 🙂