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New love for a dolly’s highchair

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I stumbled accross this vintage Triang highchair on ebay and couldn’t pass it by without putting a bid on it – I won it for just £5 (despite it being an hours’ round trip to collect it!). I really like the colour it was but it was looking a bit dull and tired, plus there was a fair amount of rust on it and our move to Australia requires all rust to be cleaned/covered so I thought it best to try and restore it.

I can’t say it’s been an easy task – I tried some Nitro Mors. Yucky, horrid, and awful to the environment, it didn’t seem to do much apart from leave cloggy mucky lumps behind. Luckily, my very dear friend managed to provide me with a Black & Decker Mouse. Oh it was fab, that and a small amount of elbow grease was all it took to get it in a state ready for spraying. I decided to spray it as there are so many small spindles and areas I just didn’t think that my painting skills would leave a very good outcome.

Anyway, here it is after it’s first coat of pink spray paint:

I’m pleased with the final result, it’s not perfect but it will do for now until it is shipped accross to Australia (we needed to sort out the rust on it before the shippers pack everything up  hence the need for doing it up now) I like the shade of pink that it is so I may keep it that colour for good.



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Today I have:

  • Had a lovely lie-in until 9.00am as my dear husband got up with little ‘T’
  • Drank coffee and toast whilst removing shelves from the kitchen  and living room.
  • Popped in to see grandma with ‘T’ (she is kindly doing all of our washing since Christmas as our washing machine broke down and it isn’t worth us buying one just weeks before we leave!), popped in again, to collect washing , and back twice more with another load. Oh how I miss my washing machine.
  • Typed up my husband’s CV in preparation for our new lives ‘down under’.
  • Finished off the sanding of the little vintage highchair I am restoring for ‘T’, it’s had it’s first coat of spray paint too. Finally:) I’ll let you know more about it when it’s complete, not long now.
  • Waxed the Victorian toy chest I found on freecycle, it still has a LOT of work to go on it but whilst ‘T’ sleeps at lunchtimes I seem to be outside almost daily trying to get it done at the moment.
  • Eaten too much rhubarb crumble with ice cream that ‘T’ and I made together yesterday, I’m also wondering if I’ll be able to grow rhubarb in Australia??
  • Finished off the knitted bow, it’s a bit larger than I had hoped for but never mind. No dropped stitches and no holes so can’t complain! – taking part in ‘Handmade Monday’

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Sunday. My evening will consist of doing very little, perhaps some knitting, perhaps a glass of red wine, sat on the sofa.

(Pssssst. I’m hosting a fab giveaway at the moment for some gorgeous wool head over here to take part! xx)

A crafty week

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I’ve been busy adding some more goodies to my Etsy store this week. I’ve made a donut, a couple of fish and a lollipop. I used a different type of felt for the lollipop though I much prefer working with the 100% wool felt. I also finally finished off a little tunic too and thought I would add a dress to the collection. I finished it ages ago and I have spent months deciding if I should list it on Etsy or dress my girl in it. Judging by the amount of hardly worn pinafores that my little girl already has I decided it best to list it in my store! :

Have you entered in the giveaway yet? NO?? Make sure you do! – You have a chance to get your hands on a great trio of cleaning priducts from Natural and Clean – click here for the giveaway………there’s nothing to lose!

And head over to ‘Handmade Monday’ too to catch up with some more crafty bloggers.

I’ve got a few patterns here for some other things too – I think I’m going to start on a super sweet pair of baby shoes next. Hope you’ve all had a good week too!

Wooden play clips and making an indoor tent

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I have been looking for some wooden play clips for a while and my friend suggested I look on Etsy for some (why oh why didn;t I think of that myself?!) Anyway – I found some from ‘Birch Leaf Designs’ and they are fantastic! The service was great and they arrived in no time at all.

Here are some photos of our first indoor tent made with the clips:

I also purchased another little something from the same store but that’s hidden away for Christmas!