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The Baby’s Catalogue by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

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This is one of my daughter’s favourite books to flick through in the mornings when she is waiting for me to prepare her porridge. I usually give her about 4 books to flick through whilst she waits in her bed for me to come and fetch her and this is the one she always seems to be reading when I come in the room.

There’s a lot of detailand variation in the pictures and the illustrations leave so much scope for making up stories and asking questions. The colours and bright and cheerful and the illustrations are quite funny too.

I think this will be one of those books that is a favourite for a long time.


The Growing Story by Ruth Krauss and Helen Oxenbury

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I came accross this book in our local library amd fell in love with the illustrations straight away so it had to be bought! I often struggle to find books in the library that I really like so I was pleased when I came accross it. The story is of a boy who is growing, he has a puppy who he watches grown, he goes through all of the seasons before finally realising that he has grown too.

The story is gentle and descriptive and the illustrations really capture the different seasonal changes. I often change the story when I read it as the illustrations seem to have too much more to talk about than what is in the words alone.

Knitting and reading

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I’ve decided to give the knitting another go. I’m doing a great little design from Easy Care Knits and I’ve only just started but so far so good!

I’m currently reading a few books at the moment. I’m really enjoying ‘The First Wife’ by Emily Barr – I love all of her books and this one is a bit different than her usual types and took a bit longer for me to get into but all the same it’s a good read! We are doing lots of research on where to live in Adelaide so a where to live guide is often being skim-read (so much to read up on!). I’m also dipping in and out of Gina Ford’s ‘The Complete Sleep Guide for Contented Babies and Toddlers’ as well as ‘Toddler Taming’ by Dr. Christopher Green’ which was recommended by our Dr, we are still struggling with getting little ‘T’ to sleep well so I’m always reading up on what the problem could or couldn’t be!