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We are trying to find an area in which to stay for at least a year in Adelaide – but where to start? Well I guessed that ‘T’s happiness is my happiness adn that sending her to a good nursery with good schools nearby was the most important thing for me, so that is leading our search.

I came accross this Montessori nursery and school online and we are really looking forward to looking round it. I think that ‘T’ is very suited to Montessori education, she is a real thinking and is forever ‘sorthing’ her toys, some of  the below pictures were taken the other day when I found her passing her pretend pasta from one dish to the next, time after time, I’m amazed at how she sets up these little activities for herself and keeps herself entertained with these types of activities. I like the structure, simplicity and early education that the Montessori avenue seems to take, and it seems most suited to how we are at home as well.

When she plays with her play frame she ‘sorts’ and arranges her playsilks on the different slats, and she will sit and play with bricks and duplo for up to 30 minutes alone on a good day.

I really think that she is at teh right stage for a structed nursery now – her energy levels are rising, as is her concentration span (and her constant chatting!) I can’t believe how fast this time has gone and as much as I look forward to seeing her excel in a nursery, which ever one we decide on, I know it’s another chapter that will be closed. My little girl is growing up so fast before my eyes and it scares me!


lately: THIS

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I thought I’d share some of the various things that are in our days lately:

  • THIS adorable knitted jumper, for ‘T’ by Grandma. I love how snug and warm it feels and how sweet it is on too. I think it is big enough for a bit of growing room too, so Adelaide’s Winter had better be cold enough!
  •  THIS vintage high-chair was an ebay find for just £5. I’ve been meaning to give it a new lease of life for some time now, and I’ve started getting rid of some of the paint. It’s going to be pink, I hope it turns out okay – I will of course let you know the outcome.
  • THIS stunning vintage jigsaw which I found in our local charity shop for just £1! I couldn’t resist! I’m unsure of the age and the box doesn’t tell me but I just love the colours, illustrations and seasonal pictures around the outside. I’m sure this will be a very much loved toy for years to come.
  • THIS is the current state of our garden, a bit grey, dull and miserable with some TLC required to tidy it up before we leave. Still, ‘T’ doesn’t seem to care about that and is happy to explore in any weather!
  • THIS batch (one of many) of cheesy biscuits in the shapes of snails, caterpillars and butterflies. I love the cheese straw recipe from the classic Be-Ro book, I’ve used part wholegrain flour and they are delicious, I;ve also been baking ‘T’ lots of cheesy scones lately from the Be-Ro book, I just love them with my home-made soup (and so does ‘T’ – thankfully!)
  • THIS is what our spring bulbs look like – we’ve seen daffodils, crocuses, and grape hyacinth in the last week which is so odd for January!
  • THIS is what ‘T’ did to a pile of washing when I turned my back to sort out dinner the other day. Nothing is safe anymore, nothing at all!
  • and THIS is ‘T’ wearing my riding hat. Just thought I’d share as it made me chuckle!

Sorting, stacking, selling.

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We are on the count down.

Just a couple of months left. I can’t quite believe it, I’m not sure how I can’t quite believe it – as our house resembles less of a home and more of a stock room these days. I seem to be making so many lists, researching so much, selling all of our extra ‘stuff’ (seriously – where does it all come from?). Thank goodness for freecycle and ebay!

We leave the UK on 5th April where we will fly to Singapore with Singapore Airlines for a little while, then we will land in Adelaide on 11th April, we have a short-term rental for a month when we get there – in which time we need to find a long-term rental , a car and a job for ‘S’. We aren’t taking a hugs amount with us, just our personal belongings and a couple of pieces of furniture, the rest we will have to purchase when we get there (thank heavens for Ikea!)

I’m currently putting the ‘goodbyes’ out of my mind, can’t bear to think about that bit, and evenings are mostly spent researching different areas to live and finding out so much useful advice and information on the pomsinadelaide forum. I honestly do not know how I would be doing this move without that forum – it has been such a huge wealth of information for us and complete strangers have even been so kind as to offer us a house-full of furniture and toys whilst we wait for our shipment to arrive (it will take 4 months for our things to arrive?!)

Anyway, here’s how corners of our home are looking at the moment, in just over 6 months time we should have a home somewhere that looks like a normal home, and not one with ‘stuff’ everywhere!

Knitting and reading

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I’ve decided to give the knitting another go. I’m doing a great little design from Easy Care Knits and I’ve only just started but so far so good!

I’m currently reading a few books at the moment. I’m really enjoying ‘The First Wife’ by Emily Barr – I love all of her books and this one is a bit different than her usual types and took a bit longer for me to get into but all the same it’s a good read! We are doing lots of research on where to live in Adelaide so a where to live guide is often being skim-read (so much to read up on!). I’m also dipping in and out of Gina Ford’s ‘The Complete Sleep Guide for Contented Babies and Toddlers’ as well as ‘Toddler Taming’ by Dr. Christopher Green’ which was recommended by our Dr, we are still struggling with getting little ‘T’ to sleep well so I’m always reading up on what the problem could or couldn’t be!