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The Growing Story by Ruth Krauss and Helen Oxenbury

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I came accross this book in our local library amd fell in love with the illustrations straight away so it had to be bought! I often struggle to find books in the library that I really like so I was pleased when I came accross it. The story is of a boy who is growing, he has a puppy who he watches grown, he goes through all of the seasons before finally realising that he has grown too.

The story is gentle and descriptive and the illustrations really capture the different seasonal changes. I often change the story when I read it as the illustrations seem to have too much more to talk about than what is in the words alone.


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  1. My daughters were gifted some books by Helen Oxenbury, (a baby set and We are going on a bear hunt). The baby set was given to my oldest when she was a baby, 15 years ago and I can still remember the rhymes.

    The pictures are lovely and capture the fun of being a child.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! Good kids books are hard to find. Being a writer, my focus is often on how well the story is (or isn’t) told, but my hubby confided the other day that he generally picks books at the library for the kids based on the illustrations.


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