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Introducing travel blog – Bedbugs and Beaches

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I have been working on setting up another blog for a couple of months now and it’s (almost) finished so thought I would share with you my experiences and a few photos from my travels.

Apart from European holidays, neither my husband (then ‘boyfriend’) or I had seen much of the World so in 2007 we went on a fantastic trip, we stopped off first in Hong Kong, then flew to Thailand where we spent a couple of months travelling through, then through Malaysia and to Singapore. We then flew on to Australia and spent 6 months there before flying to New Zealand where we hired out a campervan as our temporary ‘home’. We then visited Fiji, Hawaii and several stops accross the USA before heading back to the UK in March 2008. Since then we have visited Brussels, Prague, Rome, Marseille, Scotland, and we spent our fantastic honeymoon in Japan.

We both love to travel and I really hope to be able to visit Japan again one day – I adore the country, the culture, the language, the food, the history…..everything about the place! Also on the top of my list is Russia, China, Mongolia, Kenya, Norway and Canada……hopefully one day a couple of those destination dreams my become wonderful memories!

I’ll hopefully finish off updating thost other places very soon, but for now feel free to head over to Bedbugs and Beaches (there will be a link up there at the top of the page too)



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