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First lace attempt

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Here’s my first attempt at a bit of lace – I got the pattern from ravelry here and it’s a really great first pattern, I have got this far but decided that I don’t think that the yarn is right for this pattern so I won’t be doing anymore of this one but thought I’d show you my first lace attempt anyway!

I have been reading these beautiful baking books, I’ve been trying to find a lovely cake recipe for my daughter’s second Birthday at the end of the month. There are some beautiful cakes in these books – even some that look exactly like Russian Dolls! I think I have settled on a cake that I found on Pinterest, I’ll let you know if it worked out at the end of the month!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week xxx


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  1. Pinterest is leathal in the cake department! I love the first hummingbird book too.

  2. My first attempt at lace was actually on my last pair of socks. That went well enough, and so I’m looking forward to trying something a bit more involved soon. Isn’t it addictive?

  3. I think you just might be right…how smart to stop now rather than keep going and deciding later. I have only ever done lace once…for a pillowcase…and I used plain old cream (but I liked it). Thanks for sharing


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