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This weekend I have been:

  • Eating Tapas as our Saturday night treat. It made a deliciously lovely change!
  • Dreading falling asleep at night as I know I will be woken up many times throughout the night by little ‘T’. I’m getting bored of trawling through library books, websites, and moaning about it, I think I may just have to reside to the fact that one day she will sleep but for now I have to try and stay awake and keep positive on little sleep!
  • Enjoying seeing the spring bulbs coming into flower in various places.
  • Taking comfort in making lots of soup and cheesy scones with ‘T’.
  • Out for a splashy-puddle walk.
  • Slumping on the sofa in the evenings and looking for knitting ideas, this new hobby of mine is a good one to do when tired!
  • Visiting the in-laws for our last meal before our move away.

and on another note:

I have stopped knitting the dolly cardigan Ok, so here is the final look of the dolly’s cardigan. I’m not going for a one-armed look, it’s just that I’m not going to finish it as there are just toooooo many mistake on that arm! I intended it to be a practice piece (thanks goodness I didn’t do anything bigger!) As I wanted to learn how to use circular needles, dpns and try out some new stitches too so it was a great size for learning on, I was hoping that it may resemble something worth saving for dolly to wear but I can’t face looking at it with all of those mistakes!:


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