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A cardigan for dolly…

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Here’s the start of what may hopefully turn into something that will resemble a cardigan for the Dolly fot T’s Birthday, I have a stash of small amounts of wool and thought a dolly pattern would be good practice for something a bit more taxing than hat. So far so good, though there is PLENTY of time for mistakes yet!

I have started reading Anita Shreve’s ‘Rescue’ this week, I’m finding it less easy to absorb than her last book (‘Let It Snow’) though I think that may have something to do with the amount of concentration I am left with when I get around to picking up my book.

Joining in with this weeks ‘Yarn Along’ from Small Things and ‘Crafting On’ from Frontier Dreams x


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  1. I will be interested to know if you think Rescue is worth a read. My favourite of hers has been Resistance.

    • thanks for the tip – I will have a go at that one next I think – Rescue is getting better as it progresses!

  2. I think knitting for a doll is a wonderful idea for practice and think I will use the same idea.
    Have a happy yarn along day.

  3. A doll’s sweater sounds like a fun quick project! Lovely squishy yarn 🙂

  4. Are you using a pattern or just winging it? Looking forward to seeing the progress.

    • I am following a pattern VERY slowly! I could only just about master doing a scarf without a pattern and it’s my first attempt at button holes, knitting-in-the-round and increasing stitche too!

  5. Lucky dolly–and the best part is–she’s going to love it, no matter how it turns out!!!!

  6. i think you’re terrible brave doing this but the knitting defeats me utterly. Many years of knitted dolly clothes lie ahead of you now!

  7. What a lovely color and such a fun project. I have yet to knit a sweater and making one for my daughter’s dolly would be a great intro to one 🙂 Happy knitting!

  8. Ooo, what a coincidence – I am also reading Rescue – well, actually, I have temporarily stopped reading it to read a book about a student midwife in the 1950s because my obsession with my job knows no bounds! But I am enjoying it so far, think I like her historical stuff better though.
    Loving the knitting – knitting is something I just don’t do but luckily Julia’s Baby Annie has a very groovy knitted dress, hat, booties and vest and pants knitted by her very talented Grandma!

  9. oh blow, I’m so sorry I was supposed to send you patterns for the doll! I’m so rubbish. I haven’t even gotten as far as writing them down. I will try soon I promise. I can copy you the clothing patterns as well if you like still? can’t wait to see how the cardi turns out though. big hugs x x

    • Laura, there’s no need to apologise and honestly – ravelry is full of so many patterns I think there are enough freebies on there to keep me going a lifetime!! I know how busy you have been so no trouble xxx

  10. Pickle-Lily

    A late visitor from Handmade Monday – lovely colour yarn, I love using this colour too!
    Jo x


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