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…… a bit late, and some more snow.

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I’m a bit late in sharing this post, I’ve been a bit otherwise distracted. Nothing of any particular interest, just the daily things that sometimes seem to take longer to do. I’ve been spending my evenings knitting and sewing, my days running around little ‘T’ – she is oh so much fun now, but her teeth are still causing her upset and she seems to forever have a cold whenever it gets chilly. I think we are all in need of some Singapore sunshine (despite my absolute LOVE of snow!)

We had a little bit of snow last night – enough for the garden and trees to look very pretty in the morning – I was excited to bring ‘T’ downstairs and show her the view from the window whilst we sat in the warm eating our porridge and honey, I love the cosy feeling that is created when it’s all white and quiet outside.

Little ‘T’ said that she wanted to “go in the garden and build a snowman and throw meatballs?!” she does make me laugh every day these days! I had been a bit worried that ‘T’ wouldn’t see snow before we leave so I was deperate to get out in the garden with her first thing this morning, we went for a walk to the local shop to get a few supplies and then ventured out into the garden and Grandma’s garden too. The ducks were making a lot of noise in the stream at the bottom of the garden, think that may have something to do with a cat who had managed to catch a bird (I think it was a poor morehen but wasn’t to keen on looking to closely). I love these snow, cosy days with ‘T’. Oh I do love my little one, so, so much. xx

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  1. I like the pictures of the house tops, pretty! Nice photos to share with “T” when she is older xxx


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