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I thought I’d share some of the various things that are in our days lately:

  • THIS adorable knitted jumper, for ‘T’ by Grandma. I love how snug and warm it feels and how sweet it is on too. I think it is big enough for a bit of growing room too, so Adelaide’s Winter had better be cold enough!
  •  THIS vintage high-chair was an ebay find for just £5. I’ve been meaning to give it a new lease of life for some time now, and I’ve started getting rid of some of the paint. It’s going to be pink, I hope it turns out okay – I will of course let you know the outcome.
  • THIS stunning vintage jigsaw which I found in our local charity shop for just £1! I couldn’t resist! I’m unsure of the age and the box doesn’t tell me but I just love the colours, illustrations and seasonal pictures around the outside. I’m sure this will be a very much loved toy for years to come.
  • THIS is the current state of our garden, a bit grey, dull and miserable with some TLC required to tidy it up before we leave. Still, ‘T’ doesn’t seem to care about that and is happy to explore in any weather!
  • THIS batch (one of many) of cheesy biscuits in the shapes of snails, caterpillars and butterflies. I love the cheese straw recipe from the classic Be-Ro book, I’ve used part wholegrain flour and they are delicious, I;ve also been baking ‘T’ lots of cheesy scones lately from the Be-Ro book, I just love them with my home-made soup (and so does ‘T’ – thankfully!)
  • THIS is what our spring bulbs look like – we’ve seen daffodils, crocuses, and grape hyacinth in the last week which is so odd for January!
  • THIS is what ‘T’ did to a pile of washing when I turned my back to sort out dinner the other day. Nothing is safe anymore, nothing at all!
  • and THIS is ‘T’ wearing my riding hat. Just thought I’d share as it made me chuckle!

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