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Red booties

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I’ve managed to knit a pair of red booties this week – ok so it’s THE most basic pattern ever but I’m pleased they are done – so is dolly (I think I used the wrong sized needles/wool so they are far to small for a real baby – which is just as well, as dolly was getting cold toes).

I’m really enjoying the knitting now, I feel like I have ‘mastered’ the basics, I think I could get hooked on this!

On the reading fron, I have just finished Anita Shreve’s ‘Let It Snow’ – I really, really loved that book, it was so beautifully written and I looked forward to reading it every day, I’m pleased to have been recommended this author as she has heaps more for me to get stuck into!

Head over to see what’s happening over at Small Things and Frontier Dreams xx


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  1. Ohhh those are very cute =)

  2. I’m a beginner at knitting too I started last year but have still been learning alot olong the way…(Thank you youtube) You booties came out very cute you did a great job!!

  3. I read that book and enjoyed it as well. Love the little booties 🙂

  4. Wow, booties, I don’t think my knitting would ever be up to such a thing! Perhaps, size wise, your local NICU might be able to make use of them.

  5. Lucky dolly–she’s going to look very sheek in those new red booties! Thanks for the book suggestion. I’ve read some other Anita Shreve, but not that one!

  6. those are really cute. dolly’s DO get cold toes after all!


  7. The first pair of booties I knitted were fit for a dolly too, it was a great lesson about gauge/yarn/needle size. Of course, the kids loved them so much they wanted ALL the dolls to have them.

  8. Those are too cute! What a lucky doll!!

  9. Those are some seriously sweet lil’ booties. Love the colour! Chuckled knowingly at the “could get hooked” comment 🙂


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