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Knitted teddy complete, (and a belated ‘Birthday’ weekend update)

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I have finished the little teddy! It was a joy to make – in fact it was very simple as it is made out of lots of rectangles (I’m still not brave enough to tackle anything too taxing – I don’t think I’ll have the patience!

I’ve given teddy a litle scarf to keep him warm and he will soon be posted to a very little special baby who is due to be born very, very soon.

I’ve been reading up on toddler behaviour this week from the fantastic book by Tanya Byron – I’m a real fan of hers after watching the TV series ‘House of tiny tearaways’ many years ago and she really inspired me with her clinical pyschology background (I started a psychology degree throughh the Open University though struggled to keep up with learning about the brain and writing essays on neurons late into the night on very little sleep after having a baby, but I really would like to finish it……one day!).

‘T’ has been more challenging this last week – hence reading up on toddler behaviour a bit more; she has been suffering with teething, a cold and has entered the phase where everything is repeated, I’m finding this age so lovely and she is such fun now, but oh she leaves me worn out by the end of the day (plus we’re back to night wakings again with this cough/cold which I’m SO scared will turn into a long episode of night waking like the end of last year. We are also going to turn her cot-bed into a bed over the next weeks or so to give her (ahem – me!) plenty of time to get used to it before our move.

So, I had better carry on with that stripey scarf I suppose!……………

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I had better show you my Birthday cake too – it was my Birthday on Sunday and I was utterly spoiled by my lovely friends and family. My Mum made me this lovely cake and I went out for the evening with my lovely husband for dinner – here’s a picture of my meal – it was delicious! We had an evening of wine and olives, laughter and lovely long chats, it was a shame the evening had to come to an end……………


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  1. Happy [belated] birthday!
    Your teddy bear and scarf are so cute! My son has a teddy bear just like that from my mom that he loves.
    Happy Yarn Along!

  2. Happy belated birthday!!!!

    Cute little bear….lucky little person!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    What an adorable little Teddy. Love the knitted scarf ♥


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