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Today is slow going. I decided to make a pie from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie’s Great Britain’ book (I’m really enjoying this book and looking forward to making many of his recipes). Ok so I have just tested it and it tastes absolutely wonderful but it did take a long time,well the filling alone took 2.5 hours of cooking, plus the preparation and making the pastry etc, hence I haven’t got a lot else done this morning, though of course the good thing is that I have somehow managed to make such a large amount that  I have enough for 3 meals, thank goodeness for the freezer! Anyway – a post coming soon about the pie, for now I’ll update you on the scarf. It STILL isn’t finished, I’m begining to get bored of knitting it now but I’m desperate to finish it off soon. So here it is at it’s current state:

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  1. yum! And dinner for the freezer–that will give you more knitting time!!! Dinner already made!

  2. And when you’re finally finished… you get to work in all of those ends! Sorry didn’t mean to be negative. 😉 It’s looking great and when you’re wearing and looking gorgeous (it is for you right?) you will forget what a nasty long time it took to make!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. ooh pie for dinner? Can’t wait to find out what kind of pie it is, though I am a quick type baker and cook so probably dont have the attention span it takes to make a 3 hour pie lol. God speed to you on the scarf!

  4. You make me want to take up knitting, lol!!! xxx

  5. The scarf is lovely, as always! The colours are so pretty!

  6. Scarves DO get boring part way through. The last half is always tough going. But it’ll be lovely once it’s done!

  7. Oh, I love jamie too! Was shocked to find that they do not know him in Texas… I will check in again to see the pie. Beautiful colours on the scarf, (and good luck weaving in all those ends!)

  8. A long, long scarf! What a “creammy” colours!

  9. Yum! I always cook more so it lasts for at least one more meal.
    Good luck finishing your scarf!


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