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This weekend we have been………….

  • Playing with ‘T’s new swimming toy (her ‘flashing gem’ which she uses in her Water Babies swimming lessons. She hasn’t quite mastered collecting it from the bottom of the pool yet though has had lots of fun with it in the bath)
  • Making a new pork casserole recipe. Perhaps the best casserole yet!
  • Drawing, sticking and making pretty pictures, being in charge of the glue seems to be the highlight of this activity for ‘T’.
  • Out for a VERY blustery walk at Old Sarum, oh it was a windy day!
  • Stocking up on cough medicine for the little one. Poor mite has a terrible cough and cold as well as suffering with teething (what a bad design fault they are!)
  • Enjoying reading Anita Shreve’s ‘Let It Snow’ – I think she may be my new favourite author
  • Worrying about what our futures hold in Australia, some weeks seem to make us excited for the move, others seem to leave us worried. This has been a worrying week!
  • Catching up with a lovely friend and old neighbour. What a treat, was so nice to have a catch up and a coffee with such lovely person.
  • Trying to complete the scarf I started knitting for ‘T’, I want to get started on making something else though Im not allowing myself to do so until I’ve finished this project!
  • Baking cheesy scones and chocolate chip cookies.

Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends xxx


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