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An attempt at a teddy

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I’m still being boring and knitted VERY easy things. Including this little teddy bear that I have started. I’m happy with simple, easy things at the moment that don’t require too much concentration, and I’m pleased to say it’s using up yet more of the free wool I got from freecycle!

I’ve borrowed a stack of knitting books from the library to inspire me for my next knitting project though. I enjoy flicking through them and getting ideas and trying to think of what to do next (perhaps I should finish that scarf first?!)

I’ll put up some pics if this teddy ends up working out okay! x

(I’m takign part in Ginny’s ‘Yarn Along’ from Small Things…….head on over!…………..

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  1. You are a braver girl than me! 😉

  2. I love the Debbie Bliss books. My grandmother made me a teddy bear when I was young but I believe it was crochet, not knitting. Good Luck!

  3. Love the pile of yarny books. Hope teddy makes it lol.

  4. Enjoy getting inspired; I love coming home from the library with a stack of knitting books!
    And good luck with the teddy bear 🙂

  5. I knitted a few teddies when my children were babies. Those teddies still take pride of place on beds. Simple, but most certainly loved.

  6. Yay for free yarn!!! I love getting huge stacks of knitting books from the library…And of course I pick out way more projects than I can actually finish. Have you discovered Ravelry? It’s terrible for that, too.


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