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Handmade doll and felt food swap

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Do you remember a while I go I did a post about a swap I was going to be doing with Laura from Under Rainbows? In November I noticed that Laura ‘liked’ some of the felt fruit and veg in my Etsy store, so I contacted her and thanked her and had a look at her shop too and noticed that she made the most beautiful Waldorf dolls, I left a note saying I would like one some day for ‘T’ though couldn’t afford one at the moment and then she wrote back with the fantastic idea of doing a swap. I was delighted!!!

I quickly got to work making the food for Laura’s children for their Christmas present. I made:

  • a fish
  • a pumpkin
  • a carrot
  • 2 x mushrooms
  • 2 x strawberries
  • a pepper
  • an onion
  • an apple half
  • an egg
  • a lemon
  • an apple
  • a tomato
  • a turnip

to swap with THIS beautiful doll! :

I am SO pleased wih her, I cannot wait to give her to ‘T’ for her Birthday at the end of March – I think she fits in well at home don’t you?! Laura was so kind as she even made an extra dress out of the same material that I made ‘T”s first Birthday dress from as well as her little dungarees, blouse, knitted cardigan, hat and socks.

It has been so nice to take part in this swap, it feels much nicer to trade in this way and to really make something and think of other children opening them on Christmas day – has anyone else taken part in a swap? Oh and we need a name for dolly too – so if anyone has any names then do let me know!

Thank-you Laura for your amazing talent and for making such a beautiful dolly, it will be treasured, looked after and cared for for years to come. x

(PS – I’m hosting 2 x FAB giveaways at the moment – the one here is to win some adorable Japanese fabric and the other one here is to win some Japanese craft books of your choice!)

……………and of course, don’t forget to head over to another week of ‘Handmade Monday’ over at 1st Unique Gifts xx


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  1. Love the fruit/veg and the doll – especially the clothes! I made 4 dolls for my children for Christmas last year – a lot of work. Hand made goodies are just the best. I’m sure your little one is going to just love her! p.s. Our dolly names change by the day! πŸ˜‰

  2. love the pictures, it was a great swap and the kids play with the gorgeous food every day πŸ™‚ can’t wait to hear what she’s called πŸ™‚ x x x

  3. I love the felt food, especially the carrots and apples.
    Looks great πŸ™‚

  4. Your ‘hamper’ is really good – everything looks temptingly real. The doll is gorgeous too. Have a good week.

  5. Wow that is such a fab idea, both such lovely gifts to receive πŸ™‚ I think she suits ‘Polly’! πŸ™‚ x

  6. Your fruit and veg is adorable! I particularly love the strawberries they look brilliant complete with seeds πŸ™‚ The doll is gorgeous too and I think it was definitely a fair swap! I bet your daughter falls in love with her new doll at first sight! X

  7. The carrot is fantastic, just love the leaves from the top of it, they are super. I have a horrible feeling that I would end up putting them in a casserole as they look so real πŸ™‚

  8. What a great idea. Lovely dolly and the veg looks good enough to eat!

  9. What a great swap. Your veg is great and I bet it was a lot of work. The doll is so cute and I’m sure your daughter will love it. It looks great on the high chair Mich x

  10. I can see why you fell in love with the doll – beautiful. And your veg is just gorgeous too.

  11. oooh i love your veg!! And the doll is beautiful no wonder you were pleased. But I’m sure just as much work went into your veg, so a good swop I think!x

  12. What a good deal both of you made! I love the doll having T’s same jumper! What an awesome gift, I would have a hard time waiting tho. πŸ™‚

  13. It’s all beautiful, am in awe of the fruit! I’ve just found you on FB and Twitter so I’ve linked up! Penny x

  14. I love these dolls, they’re the perfect gift for a daughter. As for the fruit and veg, I remember playing with the plastic stuff from the Early Learning Centre as a kid, yours is soooo much nicer. What a fantastic swap. x

  15. Want the felt food. Looks so cool… for felt food I can’t eat LOL

  16. What a great post and great pictures. The doll is gorgeous and the fruit looks amazing, well done on your swap.

    Jan x

  17. I think you both got an amazing deal – both the felt fruit/veg and doll are wonderful.

    Ali x

  18. What a brilliant idea and a beautiful doll.
    Jo x


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