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I’ve managed to get a little bit creative (thankfully) and start knitting a little scarf for ‘T’ – I managed to get a whole bag full of left-over wool from freecycle so I’m using up some of the colours from that.

It’s a bit dull to knit a scarf, I know, but I need something simple and easy to do whilst I’m busy sorting out the house for our move to Australia soon (under 13 weeks now – eeeeeeeekk!)

I was also recommended to read books by Anita Shreve by my very good friend and I’m so pleased she suggested them as so far I’m hooked and I’m only a little way in!

Adding this into Ginny’s ‘Yarn along’ over at Small Things………..


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  1. I read that book and it was quite good! Good luck on your move 🙂

  2. My mom loved that book. I didn’t have time to get into it when she recommended it, but I think I need to check it out again.

  3. The color choices look quite nice. I know how stressful moving can be (all too well), so I hope the scarf and book will be soothing.


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