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I always have this same feeling at Christmas where I worry that I haven’t provided ‘enough’ when it comes to presents. I’m so keen on keeping things small and few when it comes to toys and gifts for ‘T’ for so many reasons, and to be honest there isn’t a lot I want or need, I think this rings true for a lot of people as we are now in an age where we have bulging wardrobes, choices of toiletries, and affordable treats and nibbles to eat. We’re also really having to watch the pennies and all those friends, children, nieces, family members etc. all adds up. I’m giving away a few home-made gifts this year and I’m hoping that they’ll be ‘enough’ I’ve made them all with lots of love and thoughts but I can’t help worrying still!

Anyway, here are some of the gifts I have made this year for Christmas to give away as gifts:

Granola to make in a jar:

Wool felted soap:

Washcloths: (not the one pictured below but don’t want to give the surprise away!)

And not forgetting the hand and foot prints that ‘T’ made – she even did the wrapping paper!:

Have you been creative with your Christmas presents this year?

Remember to pop over to 1st Unique Gifts to catch up for the last one before Chrsitmas!


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  1. I think too much emphasis is put on size and cost of a gift, to me something handmade is far more precious as time has been given in the thought and making process and time is priceless. So be proud and remember that you gave a bit of you in each gift.

  2. I think anyone would be thrilled to receive any of those gifts – I know I would be. Stop the worrying!! 🙂

  3. Beautiful gifts and I ditto Caroline’s reply. Have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family.

    Jan x

  4. Those gifts are lovely. Getting something handmade is much better than getting something expensive. Love the felted soap.

  5. So much thought in each gift, lovely! Have a very happy Christmas x

  6. I love receiving handmade gifts and I know so much thought has gone into it. Love the little foot and hand prints – have a great Christmas and New Year Mich x

  7. Gorgeous gifts!! Have a lovely Christmas.
    S x


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