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I came accross this fab little Etsy store whilst trying to find a small and simple design to practice knitting on. Mary quickly sent me accross a pattern of a small face cloth and I actually managed to complete it with just a couple of minor mistakes! (finally making progress??)

I’m so pleased with how it turned out!:

My Mum suggested making loads of them and sewing them all together as a large blanket as there are loads of different designs in the shop though I’m not sure I’m quick enough for such a big project.

Here are some of the other adorable designs available at Easy Care Knits:

Mary has 100% positive feedback and her customers have all written about how friendly and helpful she is along with how fast the pattern are sent and how easy the patterns are to follow. Perhaps a Christmas gift?




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  1. och aren’t they so cute, I love the nappy cover pattern 🙂 thanks for sharing x

  2. Aw, that hat’s so cute. And the tractor’s great for our family!


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