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An attempt at a Gingerbread House

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Since I was about 10 I have wanted to make one of these but I’ve only just got around to actually doing it!

As I already had a Rachel Allen recipe book with the instructions in it I thought I would use that one. It started off really well, the dough came together perfectly and cooked well, I trimmed them and stuck the sides together but unfortunately the roof was too small! The dimensions in the book are wrong! (so check first if you use this recipe from the book as opposed to the website, which is apparantly correct)

It was more time consuming than I thought as you had to wait 30 mions whilst the dough chilled in the fridge and then leave the house pieces for 30 mins to cool, but it was good fun to make. I got a bit stressed out when I realised the roof wouldn;t fit so had to improvise a bit, but I’ll know for next year!


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  1. gorgeous pictures, looks very tastey. I love making gingerbread houses (and gingerbread full stop lol). This year we are going to make one for our home kindergarten group christmas party…can’t wait. Hope it turns out as lovely as yours x x

  2. Looks really good! You did a great job – we will be attempting one this week, fingers crossed! x

    • I’m not as pleased with it as I’d hoped I would be but all the same was an interesting make! Hope all goes well with yours! That ‘glueing’ together bit was a bit nerve-wracking!

  3. So excited, so excited I’m about to make one of these, but I’m afraid I’m cheating it’s just a case of constructiing with me not the actual baking bit. It’s amazing as are those divine little soes on your next post.


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