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I’m getting cross with my lack of knitting skills, I have made a big hole in this face cloth so far and also just realised that I have mucked up the last 5 rows. I  think I may just have to start again though foer now I have started another project!

I’ve been flicking through these Christmas library books forsome festive recipes, we are going to havea go at a gingerbread house (I think!) and ‘T’ has been reading these Christmas books over and over – she’s really picked up lots about Christmas and shouts ‘Bist-mas!!!!’ whenever she sees a tree in a window or some decorations in a shop.

Head over to Frontier Dreams and Small Things for some much better knitted creations!


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  1. We’re making a ginger bread house too…but mines a cheat one I got in the bargain basement at Ikea a couple of months ago…it’s well within sell by date though…I’m waiting for my big daughter to come home in a couple of weeks so we can do it together.

    And don’t give up with the knitting…it will soon come…the great thing is that you can just unravel and have another go…then once you get the hang it’s like riding a bike…you never forget…(well so they tell me…I don’t really know as I’m rubbish at riding a bike…!)

    …love the falling snow by the way….

    Have a good day,

  2. Oh dear, many times I’ve had projects that took a couple of attempts to get right, I also picked up the Good Housekeeping Christmas book this week from the library in the hope of getting a few festive ideas and recipes……….it’s lovely when the little one’s begin to recognise the magic of Christmas for the first time.

  3. Gingerbread houses are great, we do them every year with our children, I think there’d be a revolt if we forgot.

  4. I totally feel the frustration with knitting skills, I really don’t have any but I’m desperate to be an amazing cardigan knitter one day! But a gingerbread house, well yummmmm…….

  5. Aw, don’t give up, you’re getting better with every stitch. I love dreaming up Christmas menus – we’re going to have an afternoon of baking too today.

  6. Good luck with the gingerbread house!!! They are so much fun!!! (For me, the process is always more fun than the finished product–mine are always a bit jimmywonked and I can’t blame all the help from little fingers, either!)

  7. Keep going on the knitting! You will get it! Enjoy the gingerbread house!

  8. As a new knitter who has thrown projects across the room (as well as balls of yarn from projects I had to rip out which ricocheted off the door frame and landed in the toilet) don’t stress it. Just start over or put it away all together and start a new project and come back to that one later. You will get there, we all will!


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