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We decided to go to Shaftesbury for the morning, we have a few places that are relatively near to us that we need to visit before we leave (why do we never visit what is on our own doorsteps?)

I really wanted to see Gold Hill again as I have a photo of me at the top of the hill when I was a child, it’s where the famous Hovis advert that was on TV in the 70’s (link to the advert can be found here)

It really is so pretty at the top of the hill and Shaftesbury has some really sweet individual shops and windy cobbled lanes and streets.

We found a park there too and ‘T’ has fun on the swings. It was really very cold today and we all have a bit of a virus but we felt better after getting some fresh air and seeing somewhere different.

Unfortunately we were a bit unlucky to drive over a pen knife which got wedged in the wheel of our car on the way home, but luckily my husband managed to fix it in no time at all (how do men manage to just ‘know’ how to do these things? I wouldn’t have a clue?!)

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  1. I love Shaftesbury – did you really walk all the way up that hill? It’s STEEP! I love Swans Yard and that deli where they sell super homemade cakes. We must book our next trip there – we haven’t been in winter. Glad you had a lovely day and the penknife didn’t ruin it.

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend; make the most of your man xxx

  3. I love looking at your photo’s, Gold Hill looks amazing, I think my favourite pic is of little ‘T’ walking through the leaves, I love the colours and it sums the season up well.

    Jan x

  4. It looks like a really lovely place 🙂
    I adore windy streets and cobbles – it reminds me of Howarth, which I’ve been to three or four times now & really love!

  5. Shaftesbury is a lovely place and your pics are great.

  6. The photos look great, such a lovely part of the country. Hope you all get over the virus soon. x


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