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First frost and our Advent Calender

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I woke up yesterday and opened the kitchen bling to see that we had a very frosty night the night before.

Every year when I see the first frst it always reminds me of my niece, ‘A’; When she was much younger she looked out or the window and very matter-of-factly said ‘oh, he’s been to visit’. I asked who ‘he’ was and sahe replied by saying ‘Jack Frost?!’

I love fresh frosty mornings and the feeling of Winter and the festive season so much, I love the feeling of being warm and snug inside when it looks so cold outside. I decided it was a good morning to put up the lovely advent calender for this year too…. hurry up December the 1st I want to put the Christmas music on!!


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  1. beautiful pictures and i love your advent calendar 🙂 x

  2. I love the one of the leaf peeping out from the wall – looks really wintery!
    I can’t wait for my advent calendar either – they’re definitely not just for little ones 🙂

    • Thank-you! I’m so keen to get the Christmas things out and put the Christmas music on but I’m holding out (just!) I lvoe Winter! Oh and I agree -I’m far more excited by the advent calender than my little one!

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