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A recent favourite activity for little ‘T’ is simply taking Dolly for a walk in her pushchair. I picked the dolly up at a charity store and the pushchair was from freecycle so they are perfect for taking out and about without worrying too much about them getting grubby.

We walk to a park nearby us sometimes, it only takes about 5 minutes if you walk at an average pace but it’s an hour round trip with Dolly in the pushchair.

T loves to show the ducks to the Dolly and last week she saw a snail, stopped and got Dolly out of the pram and said ‘oook Dolly…..nail!’. Oh that melted my heart!!

Sometimes it’s just the simple things that are the most interesting for these little ones and just stopping to look at asnail and go for a walk is so enjoyable for ‘T’, which makes it enjoyable for me too 🙂

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  1. this is so sweet. we see so much more when we slow down and go at their pace, we miss so much as we rush past life. Taking an hour to do a 5 min walk is so worth it 🙂 hugs Laura x


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