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This weekend I’ve been:

Eating poached eggs

Choosing wool for Grandma to knit T a winter hat (and a matching one for dolly, of course)

Sewing more felt and fruit for Etsy orders

Researching flights, accommodation and places to stay in Singapore for our planned stop-over on the way to Australia next year (this visa is getting closer and closer)

Drinking coffee and a sneaky glass of red wine

Preparing apples to be stored in the freezer for crumbles over the winter (thanks for the apples Clare)

Hoping that snow will come soon

Enjoying a rare trip to the hairdressers

Loving the stage that ‘T’ is at now and all that it brings

Cooking tofu, garlic and ginger stir-fry

Worrying that I’ll miss my Mum just too much when we leave

Playing with ‘dolly’ a lot, and a box of stickly bricks found at a charity shop

Laughing (quietly to myself) at ‘T’s conversations with her dolly

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend too xx

Oh, and don;t forget to head over to 1st Unique Gifts for another week of crafty people at Handmade Monday!!


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  1. Please don’t hope for snow too much, its so pretty but makes getting to work a nightmare. Lucky you getting to move to Australia, I bet you’ll have a fantastic time over there, I’ve never been but imagine it to be very much like neighbours and home and away! x

  2. Love the way you’ve done this blog post – I shall have to try that myself 🙂

  3. And hopefully sitting down and congratulating yourself on everything you have achieved? Would rather give the snow a miss as makes getting around tricky – looks gorgeous though when it has first fallen.

  4. Wow what a busy week – you have got through a lot Mich x

  5. A busy week but a fun way to journal

  6. What a great way to write a blog post! It will be interesting following you as you journey to your new life in Australia

  7. What a wonderful weekend! I love the eggs on toast… I must learn to poach eggs!

  8. A very busy bee!

    And this is such a cool way of posting. Well done on a good read!

  9. What a lovely blog entry – full of lovely things and memories.
    Jo x


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