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Today’s kitchen (on a budget)

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We’ve saved a fair bit of money from our weekly grocery bills through being really careful with everything we buy.

This morning I’ve been busy in the kitchen and so far today I have made:

Winter veg and red lentil soup:

A loaf of seeded bread:

Beef and potato pasties:

Beef and onion pie:

Apple crumble:


Winter veg and red lentil soup: (total cost for 5 portions) = approx £1.85

Loaf of seeded bread =  approx  90p

Beef & potato pasties (x 4) = approx £2

Beef and onion pie = approx £2

Apple crumble = approx 40p (apples kindly given to us by a neighbour)

The soup and bread will feed ‘T’ and I for lunch all week, the pie will be for tonight’s dinner, the pasties will be great easy lunches for my husband  to take to work plus a couple can be stashed away in the freezer for another day and the crumble will make great comfort food whilst snuggled up on the sofa this evening. All for under £7!



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