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I’ve been  thinking lately, this should be our last Christmas in England, before we go to Australia. I love Christmas so much – time for spending with family and friends, baking home cooked foods, snuggling up indoors and watching films snuggled under quilts – this feels like home.

Just this week we have had news that our visa is in the process of being dealt with so it will probably arrive much sooner than we previously thought. It’s begining to get real now!

I’ll miss the cold nights, the smells of roast dinners cooking on a Sunday, the frosty mornings when I nip out to the shed in the garden to get the mop, being woken up by the icy air and enjoying the cold whilst my husband pulls faces and looks at me as though I’m mad. I’ll miss the autumnal smell of chimneys in the air, the misty, foggy mornings that everyone else here seems to moan about, but the mornings that I love as they make me feel grateful for being warm and snug inside.


I’m praying that this ‘homely’ feeling will somehow happen when we’re gone, I’ve heard it takes 10 years for some people to feel properly ‘settled’ – oh that scares me – I can’t even begin to get started on the people I’ll miss (you know who you are).

But as they say – home is where the heart is – and ‘T’ has my heart –  more importantly than anyone else in the World so it HAS to make sense to leave as I truly believe she has better opportunities and a better future and life in Australia ………….right? (can you tell I’m a bit nervous about this move?!)



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  1. Awww poor thing:( that is a lot of beautiful things to miss. I moved from New york, where ALL of my family and friends are to Texas for my husbands job( I know it’s not nearly as far of a move as yours). I knew no one for the first year and it was soooo damn hot here:). After the second year we really started to feel at home. This place that I hated at first has become my home and I LOVE it here! You’re right… your heart is where your love is and that will make you happy wherever you are. Billy made this place away from everything familiar to me…HOME!! I’m sending love and many well wishes your way, Barefoot Mama

  2. Hello, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog – they were indeed good thrift scores. The camera maybe not so because I keep gagging every time I see the cost of film. Eeep.

    Now, you, Christmas is such a poignant time to feel what you’re about to lose. But it sounds like you’ve also got such a big adventure coming. Where in Australia are you moving to? I should try and track back through the blog to find out.

    Drop by again.


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